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Nutreent Soil Amendment

Nutreent is a scientifically-blended plant probiotic and fertility technology used to enhance plant growth. It is both a natural fungicide and pesticide. This means it offers the perfect solution to the ROYA and Broca outbreak, which has been devastating crops in Central and South America.

Our probiotic antifungal control product and soil amendment was developed by our research team. We use probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, and other acids to change the soil to enhance plant growth, fertility, and productivity.

This technology allows plants to produce more chlorophyll and increases plant sugars. Additionally, it allows plants to produce more wholesome and healthy foods. Growers experience an increased harvest of food up to 10 percent to 20 percent, when our product is used in their planting and growing method.

This biochemical technology is used to break the salt bonds in the soil to free the extractable minerals and nutrients making them available to the plant.  It increases the level of oxygen in the soil and promotes quicker and healthier growth.  Providing stronger roots, making a more nutritional plant, and increasing the taste and amount of produce yield.

Millman Systems seeks to assist agricultural organizations that are committed to addressing the global food shortage by proactively exploring solutions that create sustainable agricultural environments to impact the growth of plants, as well as decreasing pollution in our soil and waterways.

Our Nutreent product has been used to enhance plant growth for the past 18 years. This proven technology has produced an 8 percent to 17 percent yield increase in plants and vegetables in both California and Mexico.

Our total soil and plant wellness approach works to control the fungi in the soil and on the plants. Fungi interfere with plant growth and its ability to convert energy. It chokes off the source of nutrition for the cherries, which encase coffee beans, for example. Fungi outbreaks also lead to the following:

  • High levels of fungi reduce the economic value of the harvest.
  • Fungi infected plants produce a less safe and less desirable product for consumers.
  • Fungi reduces the plants ability to fight off disease.
  • Affected trees produce fewer fruits/beans at harvest.
  • Fungi interfere with plant wellness as the plant has to spend more of its energy on immune response: often resulting in a smaller plant.
Sprouting Plants

Nutreent is a natural fungicide and pesticide, the probiotic formulation includes microorganisms, which have been demonstrated to control certain insects. The organic probiotics used are microorganisms found in yogurt and other probiotic products.

These selected probiotics produce acids, which limit the growth of fungi and have been demonstrated as an effective alternative to pest control. Nutreent is the perfect way to maximize the following:

  • Production Yield
  • Flavor Profiles
  • Health/Safety

Many companies are making exaggerated claims when it comes to denaturing fungus on crops. Especially now, with the ROYA and Broca outbreak, some are trying to take advantage of the desperation this situation has created among growers. Unfortunately, these claims often turn out to be unsubstantiated. As a result, many growers have been turned off and have given up hope of resolving the problem.

Alternative to Crop Destruction

Millman Systems works differently. We understand your frustration, and all we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of Nutreent.

Give us the chance to help you save your crops in addition to growing your best, most healthy, and organic produce possible.

Growth Rate

An independent lab test has proven our product effective as a supplement that supports plants of all types. Tests have shown that essential plant macronutrients are present in Nutreent at levels that support maximum yield.

The new formulation advancements and probiotic selections of safe microorganisms have been incorporated in our Nutreent product in order to further enhance plant wellness, fertility, and consumer safety. Nutreent performs on multiple levels simultaneously. It manages the plant, the soil, and the plant's ecosystem throughout the growth cycle.

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